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  • Chrissie Dunham

East. Sit. Repeat.

Sit. Talk. Eat. Repeat. Charlie and I are trying to invite two couples a month to our home to enjoy a home cooked meal around our table. I love the rhythm and flow of the evening. Welcoming people into our home with appetizers. Enjoying small talk casually around a charcuterie board and then moving to the kitchen to fill our plates with all of the tasty delights offered for the evening. As we find our way to our place setting for the evening around the table, conversation begins about the food. The smells, the history of recipes and the overall comfort that is present as everyone is in position to devour the food.

I am learning to devour and eat the Word of God, not just read and study it. Much like the invitation to enjoy a meal around the table at our house, Jesus invites us every day to Sit, Talk, Eat and Repeat daily. The best thing about His invitation is you can enjoy time with Jesus, anytime. Take in all that He has for you this day. There is always a chair for you at His table. His food satisfies, can change your life and you will leave the table, never the same. Sit. Talk. Eat. Repeat.

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