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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Ham’s Orchard is a peach lover’s heaven.  It is located outside of Terrell, Texas and is a family owned peach farm and store that is everything peaches.  Every time I go, I fall more in love with Ham’s.  

A couple of months ago, Charlie and I had gone to the movie with some friends from our Bible Fellowship class.  During the movie we had received a text that one of our class members, James was in the Emergency room with another occurrence of bleeding on the brain.  We arrived at the ER around midnight and found our friend’s wife, Joy was sitting there surrounded by people we did not recognize. James and Joy had moved a couple of years ago outside of Dallas.  The people we did not recognize were James and Joy’s new friends. They had driven over 45 minutes into Dallas at 11:00 p.m. to being Joy some clothes, a cake (made famous by Joy) and of course, check on James.

Joy introduced us to everyone that was in the room.  But Lily and Sharron were women that I felt like I had known forever.  They were full of life, funny and the kind of women that you just want to be around…all the time.  I learned that Sharron was the owner of Ham’s Orchard. At the end of our time, they said, let’s get together soon.  We would love to get to know you better. 

My friend and I met them a month later at the orchard.  We were treated like royalty! Complete with lunch, a bag filled with all things peaches, a drive through the peach trees and treated to a shopping spree in the store.  We walked to our car loaded down with gifts and hearts full. Full of love and Jesus. He blessed us with lifetime friends! We sat at a table enjoying our lunch and got to know each other’s stories.  Every story was filled with Jesus and how He was our everything. Our conversation was also filled with life disappointments, but with a big smile agreed that God has a plan and He will handle every single detail.  We are not to worry! 


There is something about a table, food and a group of people around the table that is so beautiful!  Tables were big in Jesus’s life and I believe that gatherings around a table, breaking bread together and speaking much of God is heaven on earth.  I love knowing Lily and Shannon and I can’t wait to see what God does with us. He is up to something. There is something about a table!

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