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  • Chrissie Dunham


Our greatest legacy is pointing someone to Jesus. When it comes to our five grandkids, there are so many things I want to do with them. However, the most important thing I want them to remember about Pretty and Duke is that they loved and served Jesus. I want them to see us living a spiritual rhythm that creates life and peace.

Duke, (Charlie) grew up hunting, fishing, camping, all things outdoors. He is also an Eagle Scout. He can do anything, but he is very happy with a rod and reel in his hands. This passion is now being shared with our oldest grandson Jonah. Jonah is entering the third grade and loves to fish. You can see Duke’s excitement that he has a fishing buddy.

Fishing takes a lot of patience. There are so many life lessons as I sit there and watch the process of putting on bait, casting, reeling and getting some nibbles. Every once in a while they will get a big bite, the cork goes down and the reeling begins. Most of the time there is something on the end of the line. The excitement of bringing in the BIG one is so fun.

We took all of the family fishing on the evening of the 4thof July. Although we had fun, Duke spent all of his time preparing the hooks for everyone. I asked Charlie if he had a good time, and he said, “I need to take Jonah by himself and really fish together. I am thinking that fishing will be their thing. I am ok with that and am looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Are you spending time with your grandkids one on one? Are you pointing them to Jesus? At the end of our lives all that matters is Jesus. No one will remember the money, the shape of your body or the hours spent on the job. What they will remember are things like fishing. Let’s allow those around us to see Jesus in every corner of our lives.Here's to leaving a legacy!

Photo by @cbyoung

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