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  • Chrissie Dunham

Throw A Party!

I started a new Bible study this week. The writer made a comment that has stuck with me. I can't get it out of my mind. She said, "We stare at our lives and glance at God." The more that I process this statement, the more that I realize, that's me! I spend time with God in the mornings. Read His Word, pray, write things that I have learned and pray. Then, I close my Bible and go about my day.

As I go throughout my day, I may think about the words that stuck out to me during my time with God, but, if I am honest, I mostly think about my circumstances. I catch myself asking God during my day to take my problems and fix them the way that I think that they need to be fixed. THIS IS NOT the way to live with God!

I need to stare at God and glance at my life. I have learned that "where I stare, I steer." (Quote from Lysa TerKeurst) I am staring at the wrong things! I need to give Him every thought of every issue when they occur in my mind. AND leave those thoughts with Him. I don't want to get caught here. I have learned that this process can change me. We were not created to collapse under the issues of our lives. We are not to carry it!

Throw the Party! When these thoughts try to take over, throw the confetti-

-Rejoice in our Savior!

-Expect His goodness!

-Believe His ways are the best!

-Keep your eyes on Him!

-Do not get distracted by the ways of this world!

Place ALL of your faith and trust in His Power! He is our Victory! We win with Him! Quit staring at your circumstance and glancing at God. Stare at God...It will change you! Stop asking why and rest in WHO...

"Then Job replied to the Lord: I know that you can do anything and no plan of yours can be thwarted." Job 42:1

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