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  • Chrissie Dunham

Walking the Valley

!’m walking in a valley right now in my life. If you run into me, or you see me, you may not realize it or see it. But God does. He reminded me through my quiet time with Him, that I need to be confident and find my strength in Him alone.

God’s wisdom lives inside inside of me. I am more powerful with Jesus than I realize. His Word says that I can do all things with Him. If I don’t believe that, than I’m doubting myself and God as well. He promised that to all of us!

As I continue my journey in this valley, I know that I will discover greater depths about myself and in the process discover more about Jesus. Valleys are good because they drive us to the green, green pastures where the eating is rich and delicious. I’m sure I won’t be here long, but when I head to the mountaintop, I will leave the valley a different lady. Gosh, He loves us, and wants to make us more like Him.

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