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  • Chrissie Dunham


Our family just spent a week on a Disney Cruise and one day at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. It is a trip of a lifetime filled with lifetime memories. Walt Disney had high standards and high expectations of those who worked with him. The same work ethic is evident today. EVERYTHING IS DONE WITH EXCELLENCE!

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom averages 53,000 guests per day and claims to be the happiest place on earth. Attitudes, words and actions by cast members are always pleasant and filled with joy.

I walked away from our experience and wondered, what if you and I were filled with joy and hope like they were? What if people enjoyed being around us and were drawn to us?

I thought to myself, "Isn’t that how Jesus wants us to live?" How can an amusement park and cruise ship get it so right and we miss the mark so much? After my Disney experience, it reminded me how I want to be obsessed with Jesus. What if all of the believers lived their lives like they do at Disney?

Planning every move, fast pass, ride, show and food stops. People stay up all hours of the night to make reservations for experiences while they are at Disney. If you don’t, you miss out on some great character dinners and other things that create more magical moments at Disney.

If we spent this much time in the Word, praying, sharing the story of Jesus, caring for others and creating community around our tables, can you imagine what would happen in the world? If Disney can create this much excitement and happiness in the world, can you imagine what we can do as believers? Make your little part of the world, the happiest place on earth by being Jesus to those around you. Need help figuring how? Respond to this blog and I will help you! Party Don’t Stop! - Chrissie

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